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 Welcome to Cheshire Portrait Photography

I am a portrait photographer based in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK

I love taking pictures of people - either in a controlled studio environment or out and about in your favourite location. I love the interaction, the energy and overall the fun of the family jumping about having a great time while I meet your brief of capturing the heart and soul of the family in a unique set of images and prints for your home and family.

Just so you know, i don't just do family photos - though this is my key focus area - I photograph anything to do with people - families, commercial team photos no matter how simple you need - and if you have stars in your eyes I have a canny eye to get you noticed - just look at my testimonial in the Portraits tab on the left!

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A website is only a portal to the real world, so give me a call today to find out more and book your personalised photo session with me!


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Peter Deegan
Cheshire Portrait Photography